Jesuit Fr. James Martin is an editor-at-large at America magazine and author of the book, Building a Bridge, on the church's outreach to LGBTQ Catholics.

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Be honest with God when you pray

Soul Seeing: Letting yourself be known in your relationship with God means, more or less, the same as it does in any relationship: You must speak about your life, share your feelings and reveal yourself openly.


Pope Francis has been a sea change for Catholic LGBTQ Ministry

Two years ago yesterday, Sept. 30, I met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to speak about my work with LGBTQ Catholics. Often people overlook the small steps Francis has taken in this area, which, taken together, add up to a sea change for the Catholic Church.


What Gethsemane teaches us about suffering

Commentary: In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asks God to "remove this cup." Who among us has not asked the same of God at one point?

Facebook can be a conduit of grace

Soul Seeing: God can be found everywhere and in any medium, even on a shallow, time-sucking social media site like Facebook.