Jesuit Fr. Jim McDermott is a screen and magazine writer and associate editor at America magazine in New York.

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The return of Broadway and what the stage reveals to us

Theater: Broadway's stages have been dark for 18 months, and much of our lives, too. But tonight, here to see "Chicago," I sink gratefully back into the experience of being with other people and not being afraid.

'Friends: The Reunion' is the one about being 'there for you'

Just as watching "Friends" when it aired kept alive my experiences of college, the reunion reminds me of my own experience of reunions, which are always such a muddle of gratitude and sadness.

On 'Nomadland' and finding a life for yourself in isolation

No matter the specifics, in most films there's something concrete out there the protagonist is after, something they're going to fight for and a journey we're going to take with them. Oscar-nominated film "Nomadland" is very aware of this conceit.


A place for us: on being gay in the priesthood

Perspective: As a gay priest, you tend to think of your silence as a required act of self-sacrifice. But our self-erasure contributes to other people believing there is no place for them in the church or the world.