Indiana parish opens 'Blessing Box' as a gift to people in need

The Field Hospital: Fr. Doug Marcotte believes "there's no better way to change a community than one small act of kindness at a time." So the pastor embraced a plan from one of the parishioners to help individuals and families in the community when they don't have enough food for their next meal.

Dewane: Church 'committed to ensuring fundamental right' to health care

U.S. bishops made it clear during their annual spring assembly that their efforts are focused on "ensuring the fundamental right of medical care" for all people.

Conversation, listening essential for upcoming synod on youth, vocations

Approximately 50 percent of Catholics 30 and younger no longer identify with their religion. U.S. bishops discussed the need to reverse that trend and why the 2018 Synod of Bishops on youth and vocations is crucial.

Faith leads young man with cancer to resolve to live life to the utmost

Fr. Rick Nagel was touched when he visited Macklin Swinney in the hospital and heard what the young man was giving up for Lent.