World governments combat threat of famine in East Africa, Yemen

Countries such as the U.S., the United Kingdom and Canada have pledged large sums of money to assist countries facing severe food emergencies, but a gap exists between pledged aid and the amount of aid collected.

Report: Iceland population of people with Down syndrome 'disappearing'

Iceland is on its way to "eliminate" people with Down syndrome, causing uproar in the pro-life community over the high numbers of abortions following prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Kansas Gov. Brownback nominated for religious freedom ambassador post

President Donald Trump nominated Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, a Catholic, to the position of ambassador at large for International Religious Freedom.

Facebook restores Catholic pages after their accidental removal

Catholic Facebook pages whose sponsors reported had been suddenly removed late July 17 were restored just over 24 hours later.

Twenty-one Brazilian-based Catholic Facebook pages, such as a Papa Francisco Brazil page, as well as four English sites, could not publish content July 18 due to Facebook silently taking down their sites. Millions of followers were affected, according to ChurchPOP, a Christian Culture brand website.