Arguing with Dorothy Day challenges my quest for a Christian life

Take and Read: When I first read Dorothy Day in 1987, seven years after the famous writer, activist and co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement had died, I was immediately pulled in.


Pope offers compelling vision of love

Commentary: Amoris Laetitia is not as inclusive as it ought to be, but read expansively, it is a demanding and compelling vision of love.

Book Review

Ethicist makes case for animals

Book review: If we claim to be supporters of justice, nonviolence and environmentalism, can we still engage in common practices such as eating meat, owning pets and hunting?

Remembering John F. Kavanaugh, prophet and philosopher

On Nov. 5, we lost a prophet: Jesuit Fr. John Kavanaugh, author, philosophy professor and America columnist, died too young at 71.