Julie Hanlon Rubio is professor of Christian social ethics at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in California and, in 2020, is working on a book called Catholic and Feminist: Is It Still Possible? She is a former member of NCR's Board of Directors.

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Book Review

Author makes case that sex in heaven could shape its place on Earth

Book review: Is there sex in heaven? Most theologians in the history of Christianity have said no. Theological ethicist Patricia Beattie Jung claims that sex could be a part of an afterlife full of love of God and others. 

Arguing with Dorothy Day challenges my quest for a Christian life

Take and Read: When I first read Dorothy Day in 1987, seven years after the famous writer, activist and co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement had died, I was immediately pulled in.


Pope offers compelling vision of love

Commentary: Amoris Laetitia is not as inclusive as it ought to be, but read expansively, it is a demanding and compelling vision of love.

Book Review

Ethicist makes case for animals

Book review: If we claim to be supporters of justice, nonviolence and environmentalism, can we still engage in common practices such as eating meat, owning pets and hunting?