Pope accepts resignation of outspoken Spanish bishop

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of a Spanish bishop who had made controversial statements in favor of Catalan independence. The Vatican announced the resignation Aug. 23 of Bishop Xavier Novell Gomà of Solsona. 


God's law meant to bring freedom, not lifelong 'servitude,' pope says

The purpose of the law in Christian life is not to forcibly subjugate others, but to teach men and women the way to obtain true freedom in Christ, Pope Francis said during his weekly general audience. The "function of the law is certainly positive but limited in time," the pope said Aug. 18 to those gathered in the Paul VI audience hall at the Vatican.

'Killer robots' pose threat to innocent civilians

The use of "killer robots" and other lethal autonomous weapons systems violate international treaties because innocent civilians could be erroneously targeted, the Vatican said during a U.N. meeting in Geneva.