Kate McElwee is the executive director of the Women's Ordination Conference, a grassroots-driven movement that promotes activism, dialogue and prayerful witness to call for women's ordination and gender equity in the Roman Catholic Church. She is married to NCR news editor Joshua McElwee.

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Grant women's ordination advocates the respect of encounter

NCR's Michael Sean Winters inferred that the Women's Ordination Conference might impose an American "activist" agenda onto the synodal process. I ask simply that we are granted the respect of encounter before we are dismissed.

Book Review

A 'love letter of unanswered questions' about women's ordination

Book Review: Jill Peterfeso's study of the womenpriests movement assesses the complicated interrogation of patriarchal inheritance, Catholic identity and feminism.


The movement for women's equality in the church cannot be stopped

Speakers at the recent Voices of Faith event articulated what is true for millions: We will no longer spend our valuable time waiting patiently for changes in imperialistic church policies that dehumanize and endanger women.