Mexico's Supreme Court rules that abortion is not a crime

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that it is unconstitutional to punish abortion, unanimously annulling several provisions of a law from Coahuila — a state on the Texas border — that had made abortion a criminal act.

4 Mexican bishops referred to superiors in sex abuse cases

The Vatican's representative in Mexico said March 3 that four Catholic bishops had been referred to their superiors for alleged connections to cases of sexual abuse as part of the church's efforts to gather information about the possible cover up of abuse.

Vatican sends top 2 sex crimes investigators to Mexico

The Vatican is sending its top two sex crimes investigators to Mexico on a fact-finding and assistance mission as the Catholic hierarchy in the world's second-largest Catholic country begins to reckon with decades of clergy sex abuse and cover-up.

Disgraced religious order tried to get abuse victim to lie

Yolanda Martínez's son had been sexually abused by a priest of the Legion of Christ, a disgraced religious order. But when she called Cardinal Valasio De Paolis — the Vatican official appointed by the pope to lead the Legion and to clean it up — to report the settlement the group was offering and to express her outrage, he laughed.