Christ has no body on earth but yours

Soul Seeing: The Eucharist spurs us to respect and revere everything — ourselves, our neighbor, the Earth. The real presence is in us and through us and all around us.


At an Illinois parish, we set about normalizing the work of justice

The Field Hospital: St. Nicholas parishioners have an excellent track record when it comes to doing the work of charity. But we've uncovered several reasons why social justice hasn't been on our radar screen.


What's God got to do with it?

Soul Seeing: The mystery of suffering. Everyone wants to know: What's God got to do with it? Job has something to tell us. Far from being the good man who suffers patiently, Job is angry, depressed and bitter about the terrible things that have befallen him.


Lord, why am I not worthy?

Soul Seeing: I cannot understand or agree with the words, "Lord, I am not worthy." We do not approach the table of the Lord seeking to be made worthy.