Fr. Michael Crosby belongs to the Midwest Province of the Capuchin Franciscans and is a frequent contributor to National Catholic Reporter.

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Science challenges us to show that our Catholic faith is supremely meaningful

Commentary: When religious leaders equate religion's ancient mythologies with demonstrable facts, faith will suffer, and religion will become increasingly irrelevant.

Evolutionary consciousness points to a Trinitarian cosmic order

Although I am a male religious, I too have focused on "conscious evolution." The more I investigate its premises, the more I find it helpful.


Reclaiming the mystical interpretation of the Resurrection

Essay: As we approach Easter, I think the time is ripe to reclaim the earliest articulation of an experience of the Resurrection: that which is noted by Paul.

Quoted priest to bishop on LCWR: I stand by what I said


In early June, Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio, posted a video on the Toledo diocesan website quoting me. He also wrote virtually the same comments in his June 8 Bishop's Corner column in the Catholic Chronicle, the diocesan newspaper. The video went viral and his print comments were reported in diocesan papers throughout the country, including my own Archdiocese of Milwaukee. However, after extended reflection, given the widespread but unilateral way his references have been disseminated, I came to believe I needed to respond.