Michael Leach is publisher emeritus of Orbis Books. He has edited and published more than three thousand books. His authors include Nobel Prize winners, National Book Award winners, and hundreds of religion book award winners. In 2007 the Catholic Book Publishers Association honored Mike with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Dubbed "the dean of Catholic book publishing" by U.S. Catholic magazine in 2003, he has also authored or edited several books of his own, including Why Stay Catholic? which was voted the “Best Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith” in 2012. Mike brings this background to his role as editor of NCR’s Soul Seeing columns; Soul Seeing has won the first place award for "best regular spirituality column" from the Catholic Press Association for five years in a row. Michael is a frequent contributor to NCR's Soul Seeing column.

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Fr. Smyth of Maryville leaves incalculable spiritual legacy

Appreciation: Fr. John Smyth was to Maryville Academy what Fr. Edward Flanagan was to Boys Town, and to disadvantaged families from Chicago what Mother Teresa was to those written off by society in Kolkata. 


Deserve's got nothin' to do with it

Soul Seeing: Miracles come to everyone, but we're so preoccupied with thoughts of what we want and how we want it and when we want it that we don't recognize them. They may as well never have happened.


Under a 2-foot-tall tree, I played out the drama of Jesus' coming

Soul Seeing: Players in the Christmas story stood on the mountain of a table or made their way to Bethlehem by following the light from the star atop the tree.


Bishop Morrie resigns from diocese amid tears

Soul Seeing: On Sunday, Aug. 19, Morrie, my classmate from Mundelein Seminary, announced to his congregation that he had submitted a letter of resignation to Pope Francis.