Now enjoying retirement, Mike Barrett served in the Church of Milwaukee for 42+ years.  Working now for Travelers Aid at the MKE airport, and mentoring eager adults at Literacy Services of Milwaukee, doing HIV counseling, and still checking in with his 101 year old mother at the Lutheran Home. 

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Holy Thursday's mandate

Daily Lenten Reflections: The humble and simple act of washing became the focus of the ritual, instead of the activity of arranging chairs, with predetermined volunteers processing up to the sanctuary. In our foot washing liturgies now, we have a sort of "rolling admissions" style of procession. The presider begins by washing and kissing the feet of someone, anyone.


Jesus' approach to suffering goes beyond platitudes

Daily Lenten Reflections: Coming from a family of eight children, my attempts at jockeying for position in the constellation of siblings basically took the form of whining and complaining.


God in the village, ashes on the street

Daily Lenten Reflections: Attempting to express our unity in diversity, our local ministerium learned from one of the clergy who is Episcopalian about the budding national practice called "Ashes to Go.​

Ministry holds both ordinary and extraordinary moments of grace

Celebration Publications: Every request for a blessing becomes an opening a mirror for redoubling God’s grace in our lives of ministry and in the lives and events of the faithful.