A parish litany to Mary

Eager to pray, we reveal our lives in what we ask for

by Mike Barrett

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(Julie Lonneman)

Fr. Mike Barrett, pastor of  Our Lady of Good Hope in Milwaukee, invited participants at a presentation on Mary in St. Joseph's Parish in Grafton, Wisconsin,  to write their own litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He handed out index cards to the 125 people present, instructing them to pen another appellation, some new descriptor of Mary that came to them during the evening. He reported that the people seemed eager to undertake the exercise and did it with reflective hearts. Some 87 cards were returned that evening, including Fr. Mike's. Here is the result. Capitalized words appear as they did on the original cards.

St. Joseph Parish's Litany of The Blessed Virgin Mary 
Mother of Unity  — pray for us 
The Father's Wise disciple
Inspirational Mother  — guide us
Mary Loving Mother
Mother of Indigenous people
Mary our healer    
Protector of the womb for the unborn
Mary who agreed to carry and 
      bear God's Son
Mary who felt a mother's fear before 
       finding your lost son in the Temple

Mary, who suffered throughout your Son's 
       arrest and crucifixion
Mary, who felt relief once your Son died, 
       knowing that his trial was over
Mary, Loving and devoted wife
Mary, loving teacher
Mary, Mother and Patron of our country
Mary, Queen of our hearts
Mary, full of grace
Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help
Mary, Mother of all humanity
Mary, model of our response to God's call
Mary, model of mothers
Mary, comfort for all the troubled
Mary, example of humility
Mary, model of acceptance of 
Mary, humble and strong
Mary, Comforter of broken families
Mary, patron of our friendships
Mary, Mother of the divorced
       and separated
Mary, model of Understanding
Mary, example of solidarity 
       with all peoples
Mary, most blessed of God
Mary, example of patience
Mary, our guide to your son 
Mary, mother of God
Mary, humble servant of God
Mary, protector of all families
Mary, model for all women
Hail Mary, Gentle woman
Mary, Compassionate woman
Mary, Mother of all Christians
Humble Mary
Mary, most beautiful mother
Mary, mother of intercession
Mary, God's purest lily
Mary, pathway to Christ
Mary, Mother of our guiding light
Mary, loving companion on life's journey
Mary, refuge of tranquility
Mary, help in our grief over lost loved ones
Mary, Mother of those who have 
        strayed from your Son
Mary, Mother of our children, 
         who have left the Church

Mary, support of all those in need
Mary, loving mother of all
Mary, model of universal and 
         unending care
Mary, protector of children
Mary, intercessor of all our needs
Mary, example of courage
Mary, example of being visionary
Mary loving strength and comfort for all
Mary, fully human model of wisdom 
       and unselfish love for parents
Mary, faithful woman
Mary, at one with the lonely
Mary, humble intercessor and 
       promoter of God's intentions
Mary, inspiration for greater study of 
       God's Word 
Mary, Mother of the sick and dying
Mary, Mother of the unwanted 
       and unloved
Mary, Mother of the motherless
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mary, mediator at Cana
Mary, Mother of our nurturing
Mother giver of strength
Mary, our conduit to Jesus
Mary, the guide to true commitment
Mary, most blessed by God
Mary, conveyor of our prayers
Mary, star for the lost
Mary, woman for all time
Mary, Mother of all God's children
Mary, guide to unity of all
Mary, Mother of the poor and 
Mother of peaceful calm
Mary, responder to God's call
Mary, Mother of humility
Mary, God's faithful servant
Holy Mary, gentle woman
Mary, the model of our response to 
       God's invitation
Mary, patient mother
Mary, supportive mother
Mary, magnifier of souls
Mary, Ponderer of hearts
Champion of possibilities
Heart of God
Canticle of Grace
Intimate friend
Voice of the poor
Calm to the betrothed
Model of faith  — pray for us. 

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