Bishops approve budgets, fail to agree on diocesan assessment rise

U.S. bishops approved a $24.2 million budget for the work of their national conference in 2016. Their vote was inconclusive on a 2017 assessment increase on dioceses that fund it.

Twelve years in, sex abuse charter faces ongoing challenges

Every allegation of sex abuse or boundary violations should be presented to the diocesan review board, but the review boards don't always meet regularly.

Divorce, migration changing the face of families worldwide

The family under discussion when the extraordinary Synod of Bishops convenes at the Vatican Oct. 5 will bear little resemblance to the family of 50 or even 20 years ago.

New stem-cell method offers another alternative to embryonic research

A new method of creating versatile stem cells from a relatively simple manipulation of existing cells could further reduce the need for any stem-cell research involving human embryos.