Book Review

New book on liturgy synthesizes theology and sociological research

Book review: Pierre Hegy believes it is necessary to devise an appropriate conceptual tool to measure the efficacy of Sunday Mass as performed drama. And that is what he provides in Worship as Community Drama.

Book Review

Author formulates a reform agenda based on lived lay spirituality

Book Review: The author's rich insights on lay spirituality, which are based on solid and prolonged field research, both in the U.S. and abroad, will prove extremely valuable, especially in our days when, under Pope Francis' pontificate, the reforms initiated by Vatican II seem to have another chance.

Take and Read: An Asian Theology of Liberation

Take and Read: For Asians who studied theology at Roman pontifical universities after the Second Vatican Council, Aloysius Pieris' book was, for me at least, an intellectual bombshell.


Disciples' joy at seeing the Lord has special resonance at Pentecost

Essay: As we celebrate Pentecost, what is the message from the three biblical readings that should resonate in a special way?