Peter Gilmour, professor emeritus of the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago, is the author of The Wisdom of Memoir: Reading and Writing Life's Sacred Texts and The Emerging Pastor: Non-ordained Catholic Pastors.

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A meditation on Mars, and beyond

Soul Seeing: A rover has been searching for signs of life on Mars. Might its findings challenge our religious beliefs about God, or help to narrow the centuries-old gulf between faith and science?


For Lent, it's watermelon and large curd cottage cheese versus the Psalms

Soul Seeing for Lent: The relevance of Psalms written, some perhaps set to musical accompaniment thousands of years ago, is a contemporary miracle. Maybe it's time to give up what you were planning to do without this Lent and look to the Psalms instead.


Armchair pilgrimages are meditations during the pandemic

Soul Seeing: This time of pandemic has had its challenges for those who find spiritual insight and inspiration traveling, myself included. God's presence extends well beyond the parochial limitations of church buildings.


Instead of televised Mass, I pray Teilhard's 'Mass on the World'

Commentary: I am a churchgoing Catholic who does not care for broadcast liturgies. During isolation, I opt for Jesuit Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's "The Mass on the World."