Roe v. Wade may be in peril, but future of anti-abortion movement is unclear

Advocates and legal scholars say that for arguably the first time since 1973, undoing Roe isn’t just a dream of anti-abortion activists and the faith-based groups that back them — it’s likely to happen in some form. Less clear is what this possible dismantling will look like, how long it will take and what happens afterward


Five reasons the pope's clergy sex abuse meeting in Rome will fail

Signs of the Times: There are five reasons why next month's meeting in Rome, called by Pope Francis to deal with the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, may well be a failure before it even starts.

Crystal Cathedral, home to the 'Hour of Power,' transforms into Catholic seat

For nearly 30 years, the Rev. Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral was not only a religious landmark, but an architectural wonder and an embodiment of flush times in Southern California's Orange County. Now Crystal Cathedral is almost ready to open as a church again — this time as Christ Cathedral, seat of the Diocese of Orange.

Final US Jesuit group releases names of accused abusers

The Northeast province of the Society of Jesus has released the names of 50 men it says have been credibly accused of child sex abuse since 1950.