Catholic pro-choice activists project messages onto DC basilica in protest

The liberal group Catholics for Choice staged a protest outside the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception the evening of Jan. 20, projecting messages in support of abortion rights onto the building's walls as an anti-abortion vigil was in progress inside.

Pope Francis attacked cancel culture. It sounds better than 'ideological colonization.'

 Pope Francis "hit out at 'cancel culture,'" as one headline put it. But the pontiff wasn't complaining about how the twitterverse had banished Ellen DeGeneres or urged a boycott of Dr. Seuss.


As Pope Francis' critics vent their anger, what comes out is vaccine disinformation

Phyllis Zagano: Francis and Vatican officials have repeatedly refuted claims that COVID-19 vaccines are morally tainted. That so many lay Catholics and clerics are ignoring church teachings demonstrates a large leak in the barque of Peter.

Growing old with grace and kindness: The life and lives of Sidney Poitier

Sir Sidney Poitier changed the film world on the way to changing the larger world. Before Poitier's movies, "Black characters were jolly statuary — hoisting luggage, serving food, tending children — meant to decorate a white American's dream."