The Biden Communion stories are stupid

Signs of the Times: Will President Joe Biden be denied Communion by the U.S. bishops' conference because of his position on abortion? This is a stupid story for canonical, theological and political reasons.

Biden raises refugee ceiling, and faith-based groups brace for rebuilding work

Faith-based refugee resettlement groups are celebrating President Joe Biden's decision to raise the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. for the remainder of the federal fiscal year to 62,500, acknowledging they need to rebuild their capacity.


A plant-based diet is about much more than not harming animals

Commentary: Hindu Scripture extols the virtue of not killing animals for food. That virtue is also supported by science: Vegetarian diets are far better for preserving a healthy planet than are meat-heavy diets.


We need more from Catholic bishops than a mixed response to racism

Signs of the Times: What the bishops haven't said on racial justice has kept them from being a more prophetic voice in American life. And the reluctance to take on racial issues has deep roots in Catholic history.