Mary, mother of Jesus, returns as an icon for pop stars and social justice warriors

(RNS) — Lil Nas X, Bad Bunny and Princess Nokia all work their spirituality into their music, but you're not likely to think of them as virginal.

Even a pope needs a medical directive

Signs of the Times: Since the pope has no wife or children, he needs to designate someone who can make medical decisions for him, and the rest of the church needs to know who this is.

State finds LA public school district kept millions of federal funds from Catholic schools

The state of California has found that the Los Angeles public school district violated federal law in the manner it slashed funding for low-income and disadvantaged students who attend Catholic schools.

Pope Francis' September visit to Slovakia is met with excitement despite COVID-19 concerns

Pope Francis' first foreign trip since his recovery from surgery will be to the Eastern European countries of Hungary and Slovakia from Sept. 12-15. While Slovakian citizens eagerly anticipate the papal visit, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to generate conflicts and challenges.