Expect North American church to learn from pan-Amazonian synod

Commentary: The upcoming pan-Amazonian synod's focus on climate change, the rights of indigenous and migrant peoples, and regional innovation will be a hallmark of Pope Francis' humble missionary vision for reform.


Francis' draft of curial reform fundamentally reimagines Vatican's role

Commentary: The proposed Praedicate Evangelium is far more successful in offering an alternative framework than it is in providing a comprehensive program of specific reforms.


Francis' correction of Sarah shows Vatican II is his 'sure compass'

If the pope's actions surprise us, it is because, five decades out, there remains a substantial gap between the council's reformist agenda and its concrete realization in the church.

Trinity: Loving relationship defines God's very being

Take and Read: Catherine Mowry LaCugna, along with her book God for Us, led me to rediscover the most "practical" doctrine of the Christian faith.