Robert Ellsberg is the publisher of Orbis Books. He has edited five volumes of Dorothy Day's writings, most recently On Pilgrimage: The Seventies, and written many books on saints and spiritual teachers. He is on Twitter: @RobertEllsberg.

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Author Jim Forest, chronicler of giants like Day and Berrigan, strengthened many

Appreciation: Jim Forest, who lived a life of dedication to the Gospel call of peacemaking, died on Jan. 13 at the age 80. Since then, I have reflected on the deep and mysterious ways our journeys were intertwined.


Seeking wisdom from masters of social isolation

Soul Seeing: So many saints and spiritual mentors elected solitude, or had it imposed by circumstances. What kind of wisdom, I wondered, might they impart to "ordinary" people entering into this unfamiliar world?

Book Review

Francis' repeated call to us: Welcome migrants

Book Review: Pope Francis established his concern for the plight of migrants and refugees on his very first trip outside of Rome, just months after his election as pope. On the Italian island of Lampedusa, a waystation for many refugees making their way to Europe, he celebrated Mass and commemorated the thousands who have died at sea.