A longtime national and international activist in the peace movement, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton is a founding member of Pax Christi USA and an outspoken critic of violence and militarism. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, and has published numerous articles and reports.

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Francis, prophet in our midst, preaches to us

The Peace Pulpit: Are we willing to hear prophets in our midst? The bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, is truly a prophet. He's speaking God's word about issues that are very important in our world.


God is asking us to do more

The Peace Pulpit: The reign of God hasn't come in its fullness. There are poor and oppressed people in our country, in our world. There is violence. There is killing. There is war. We haven't done all that we can do to work with Jesus to make the reign of God happen.


Being a community is how we become disciples of Jesus

The Peace Pulpit: Jesus is calling the whole of the human family to this because it's only through the whole of the human family that the work of Jesus can be carried out to drive away evil and to establish a community of love.


We have to give ourselves for one another

The Peace Pulpit: Leave here committed to doing what Jesus did: giving himself completely out of love for us that we might share God's light and love forever. "Do this in memory of me."