How can you really love God? I've found three keys

I wanted to go with love, but had to settle for fear, although I didn't quite understand how the fires of hell squared with a loving God. But, ultimately, love has won out.


Why Christians should hate Christmas

We should concede Dec. 25 to Walmart, Amazon and Macy's. They can proceed with their sales and promotions and we can quietly celebrate the birth of Jesus at another time.

Our intelligence is a gift from a generous creator

Soul Seeing: I am learning that using our intelligence is not anti-spiritual or anti-religious.

Catholics silent in Iowa caucus hype

DES MOINES, IOWA -- Religion has had an extraordinary presence in the buildup to the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, but Catholics have been distinguished by their silence.

“It’s part of the Catholic culture,” said Deacon Dan McGuire, parish administrator at Assumption Parish in Granger, Iowa. “We get involved in politics. That’s obvious. But as a former excluded minority ... we keep faith in our private community. We don’t vocalize it in public.”