Tom Roberts is NCR executive editor. Tom was NCR editor from 2000-2008. He is the author of The Emerging Catholic Church: A Community's Search for Itself (2011) and Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith (2015), both published by Orbis Books.

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NCR receives top honors from the Catholic Press Association

National Catholic Reporter was named "best national newspaper" by the Catholic Press Association in its 2019 awards competition. The citation was one of 15 received in the newspaper awards category for reporting, commentary and use of graphics.


New ways of being church, in the public square and in the chanceries

NCR Connections: California Catholic initiative points to new ways of engaging with worrisome cultural trends; and the decadeslong, slow-moving implosion of clericalism is accelerating.


Cycles of coverage, clerical culture, generational trends

NCR Connections: We have a new news editor at NCR, but you already know him; looking back to our first use of "clerical culture" in our pages; changes are coming to the Roman Curia; Global Sisters Report's win on covering a meeting of needs and fulfillment


Hierarchy and the need for a 'culture of vulnerability'

NCR Connections: Vulnerability, properly understood, is precisely what members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy need to embrace as a strength, argues Fr. James Keenan.