Tom Roberts is NCR executive editor. Tom was NCR editor from 2000-2008. He is the author of The Emerging Catholic Church: A Community's Search for Itself (2011) and Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith (2015), both published by Orbis Books.

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Hierarchy and the need for a 'culture of vulnerability'

NCR Connections: Vulnerability, properly understood, is precisely what members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy need to embrace as a strength, argues Fr. James Keenan.


Not failing, but changing: US Catholic life in a new era

NCR Connections: Neither Call to Action nor religious life is what it once was. The persistent question is "What's next?" The answer may be new forms that are authentic, holy and vibrant.


We're waiting on the decision about women deacons

NCR Connections: Will he or won't he? That's the question being asked in some circles as the date approaches for the pope's appearance at this year's May 6-10 meeting of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), the leaders of the world's congregations of Catholic women religious.


God speaks to us through creation

NCR Connections: Distractions abound, but we hope, amid all the noise, to help focus attention on the key issue of the day — the Earth — upon which all else depends. Reaction to the appointment of Wilton Gregory as archbishop of Washington from Fr. Patrick Smith, pastor of D.C.'s St. Augustine Church.