Tom Roberts was NCR executive editor from October 2018 through April 2020. Tom was NCR editor from 2000-2008. He is the author of The Emerging Catholic Church: A Community's Search for Itself (2011) and Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith (2015), both published by Orbis Books.

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US bishops' latest display of desperation has roots in years of dysfunction

Commentary: The problem didn't begin with Biden. Whatever words on Communion the bishops come up with in November will not address the deeper wound, the loss of moral authority they brought upon themselves.


Guatemalans have mixed reaction to Kamala Harris' Central American trip

Commentary: The Biden administration intends to address the "root causes" of the border crisis. But progress will require an understanding of how past U.S. actions contributed to the crisis in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Justice for all: Restorative justice goes beyond retribution

Restorative justice initiatives are taking hold in several institutional settings, especially Catholic institutions and groups. Restorative justice goes deeper than punishment; it involves a search for understanding.

How to respond to evil: Vengeance must stop, says sister of murder victim

Lawyer and author Jeanne Bishop speaks with NCR about heartbreak and healing. She has written about the shooting death of her pregnant sister and brother-in-law, and how she made peace with their convicted killer.