Tom Roberts was NCR executive editor from October 2018 through April 2020. Tom was NCR editor from 2000-2008. He is the author of The Emerging Catholic Church: A Community's Search for Itself (2011) and Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith (2015), both published by Orbis Books.

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Trump's legacy may be unintended consequences

Commentary: President Donald Trump is a threat to the republic and its democratic institutions on multiple levels. At the base of all the current turmoil lie perennial questions that have to do with moral authority and spiritual integrity.

From Brazil, three examples of extraordinary leadership

Appreciation: Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga, Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns and Archbishop Dom Hélder Câmara, stand apart as exemplary servants of the Gospel and their communities in the most threatening conditions and among some of the most marginalized on Earth. We would all do well to revisit their lives and example at a time of global fear and uncertainty.


A good place, a strange moment

NCR Connections: The early church didn't alter what the disciples had seen and heard. But what they understood flowing from that experience matured and grew over centuries and continues to in our time. It's my time to hand over NCR to the next executive editor, Heidi Schlumpf.


Join us for a virtual Triduum observance

NCR Connections: Holy Week is here, and NCR has a special virtual presentation of Triduum observations for you; take a closer look into our coronavirus coverage; one more look back at St. Óscar Romero