Wilson's Way of the Cross

Young Voices: This Holy Week, I carry in my heart the millions of migrants and refugees for whom the Way of the Cross is not simply a spoken prayer but a raw, real reality.

Immigrants face a terrifying future under Trump, and Christians must be there

Global Sisters Report: What is an immigrant to do now that Donald Trump has been elected? Many among us don't have the luxury to think positively or wait it out.

I don't know black

Preview: This is the Day of Prayer for Peace in Our Communities, but for people from backgrounds like mine, we don't see the problem as ours.

A Lent for the whole world

I grew up, like most Catholics, thinking that Lent was a gloomy season when we stopped singing "Alleluia!" and eating candy because we had to be sorry for our sins for 40 days. The only good part about Lent was that I just might get to go to the parish fish fry on Friday evening and run around with my grade school buddies.

Sadly, I'm not sure that my understanding of Lent matured much more than that until recent years.