Polish Catholic diocese asks court to verify if abuse victim is gay

A Catholic church in Poland has asked a court to determine whether a Polish man who was sexually abused as a child by a priest is gay and whether the sexual contact may have been pleasurable for him.

Polish nun, cardinal who defied communism are beatified

Poland's top political leaders attended the Sept. 12 beatification of a cardinal who led the Polish Catholic Church's resistance to communism and a blind nun who devoted her life to helping others who couldn't see.

Warsaw university aims to shape future conservative lawyers

An increasingly influential Polish Catholic legal institute on Friday inaugurated a university in Warsaw that aims to educate a new generation of conservative lawyers in central Europe who it hopes will also shape wider European culture.

Poles join nationwide strike in revolt over abortion ruling

People across Poland are vowing to stay off their jobs on Oct. 28 as part of a nationwide strike to protest a top court ruling that bans abortions in cases of congenitally damaged fetuses.