Links for 06/12/17

In the Washington Post, Andy Slavitt on how the GOP-led Senate is approaching health care. This is despicable.  Sen. Mitch McConnell is from the same as the immediate past president of the bishops' conference, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz. We are waiting to hear his voice on the antics of his home state's senior senator.

What happens when you hold a plebescite and nobody comes? You get 97% of the voters in Puerto Rico backing statehood, but seeing as the two largest parties that do not support statehood boycotted the vote, and only 23 percent of the electorate showed up, it is impossible for Gov. Rossello to claim any kind of a mandate. Forbes has the story. 

LifeSiteNews (aka, the new magisterium, or so they seem to think) calls out, in order, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Cardinal  Francesco Coccopalmerio, and.....ME!!!! What an honor to be linked with these two fine churchmen. This is the ecclesial equivalent of this:

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