Links for 07/10/17

by Michael Sean Winters

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I was not at last week's USCCB-sponsored Convocation but I am told two of the highlights were this address by Cardinal Joe Tobin and this sermon by Cardinal Sean O'Malley. (You will have to scroll down a bit for the sermon.) Both men remind the crowd of how blessed we are to have Pope Francis leading the Church at this time.

A propos of this morning's post, how creepy is Putin? Check out this propaganda video of his inauguration. Puts one in mind of Nuremburg rallies, no?  

Over at Fake Things, I mean First Things, the most bizarre analysis of the Holy Father's decision not to renew the tenure of Cardinal Gerhard Muller at teh Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Marco Tosatti. He states:

It seems clear that the dismissal has not arisen from any substantive reason involving the work of the congregation. 

I am thinking to myself: Who are his sources for such a claim? Indeed, the rest of Tosatti's article makes the case why it would have been foolish to dismiss Cardinal Muller so it had to have been that he was simply not able to run the congregation. I will have more on this and the state of the opposition to Francis later in the week.  I see that +Muller is already whining, telling a Bavarian newspaper that the manner of his termination was "unacceptable." That puts me in mind of this exchange in the movie "Independence Day" when the president fires his Secretary of Defense:


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