Links for 10/28/15

I had it in mind to write about the academic theologians and their umbrage at Ross Douthat, but Kaya Oakes at Religion Dispatches beat me to it. I disagree with Douthat too, but I have no issue with his writing about theological matters at NYTimes. Besides, I am tired of these petitions signed by academics.

At his diocesan blog, Bishop Danny Flores on immigration and evangelization. This is really beautiful and evidences a bishop who "gets" what Pope Francis is talking about.  

At USCatholic, another really important article, this one by Steve Schneck on the fact that the Democrats are in bad shape, and they do not even seem to realize it. I agree with the diagnosis and with Schneck's prescription: Stop focusing on issues for the affluent, and get back to your working class roots Democrats!

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