Pope’s quotes: Climate change

A quote from Pope Francis:

“We must not forget the grave social consequences of climate change. It is the poorest who suffer the worst consequences. Therefore … the issue of climate change is a matter of justice; it is also a question of solidarity, that must never be separated from justice. … Science and technology place an unprecedented power in our hands: it is our duty to humanity as a whole, and in particular the poorest and future generations, to use it for the common good.”

“Will our generation be remembered for having generously shouldered its grave responsibilities? Amid the many contradictions of our time, we have good enough reason to nurture the hope of being able to do so. And we should let ourselves be guided by this hope. In fulfilling this commitment, I hope that each one of you may experience the satisfaction of participating in actions that transmit life. The joy of the Gospel also resides here.”

-- Meeting promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, Sept. 11, 2015

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