Pope’s quotes: Instruments of forgiveness

A quote from Pope Francis:

‘Holy priests are sinners who have been forgiven, and instruments of forgiveness. Their existence speaks the language of patience and perseverance; they are not tourists of the spirit, eternally undecided and unsatisfied, as they know that they are in the hands of the He Who never fails in His promises, and whose Providence ensures that nothing can ever separate them from their belonging. … Yes, it is still the time for priests of this substance, ‘bridges’ enabling the encounter between God and the world.”

“… You are aware that there is no need for clerical priests whose behavior risks distancing people from the Lord, or functionary priests who, while they fulfill their role, seek their consolation far from Him. Only those who keep a steady gaze on what is truly essential may renew their acceptance of the gift they have received. … Only those who allow themselves to conform to the Good Shepherd find unity, peace and strength in the obedience of service; only those who take their breath in presbyteral fraternity leave behind the falsehood of a conscience that claims to be the epicenter of everything, the sole measure of their feelings and actions.”

— Message to participants of 67th General Assembly of Italian episcopal Conference, Nov. 11, 2014

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