Pope’s quotes: Know how to say no

A quote from Pope Francis:

“It is not true that today’s young people are mediocre or not generous; but they need to experience that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive,’ that there is great freedom in a life of obedience, great fruitfulness in a virgin heart, great wealth in possessing nothing. From this there arises the need to be lovingly attentive to the path of each person and evangelically demanding in every phase of the formative journey, beginning with vocational discernment, so that the eventual crisis in terms of quantity does not lead to a far more serious crisis of quality.

And this is the danger. Vocational discernment is important: all those who understand the human personality -- be they psychologists, spiritual fathers, spiritual mothers -- tell us that young people who at a subconscious level feel they .. have some problem of balance or deviation subconsciously seek out strong structures to protect them, and to protect them against themselves. And here lies discernment: knowing how to say no. Without driving them away -- this, no. ‘I will accompany you, go, go’ .. and just as you accompany them as they enter, accompany them to the exit, so that they may find their path in life, with the necessary help.”

-- Message to international conference for formators of consecrated persons, April 11, 2015

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