Pope's quotes: Lack of resources

A quote from Pope Francis:

“Climate change also makes us think of the forced displacement of populations and the many humanitarian tragedies caused by lack of resources, particularly water, which is already a source of conflict that is expected to increase. It isn't enough to assert that there is a right to water without making the effort to achieve sustainable consumption of this good and to eliminate any waste. Besides water, land use also remains a serious problem. Ever more troubling is the seizure of arable land by transnational companies and states, which not only deprives farmers of an essential commodity, it also directly affects countries' sovereignty. There are too many areas where the foods produced go to foreign countries and the local population is impoverished twice, since they have neither food nor land. We know that the world's food production is largely the work of family farms.”

-- Audience with 39th Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization, June 11, 2015

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