Pope’s quotes: Not by money alone

A quote from Pope Francis:

“The real problem is not money though, but rather people: we cannot ask of money that which only people can do or create. Money alone does not lead to development: development requires people who have the courage to take initiative. And taking the initiative means developing activity capable of innovation, not only of a technological nature; it is also necessary to renew working relations, experimenting with new forms of participation and responsibility for workers, inventing new ways of entering the world of work, creating a bond of solidarity between business and territory. Taking initiative means overcoming ‘assistentialism.’ ”

“Taking initiative also means considering love as the true motor of change. Freeing talents is the beginning of change; this action allows envy, jealously, rivalry, disagreement and prejudice, and opening up to joy, to the joy of the new.”

— Message to participants of Festival of Social Doctrine of the Church, Nov. 21, 2014

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