Pope's quotes: Allow Him to lift you up

A quote from Pope Francis:

“When everything seems too much, when it seems that the world is crashing down on you, embrace His Cross, draw close to Him and please, never let go of His hand, even if they are dragging you; and, if you should fall, allow Him to lift you up. Mountain climbers have a lovely song which I like to repeat to young people. As they go up the mountain they sing: 'In the art of climbing upwards, the triumph is not in not falling but rather in not staying down on the ground'. This is the art, and, who is the only one who can take you by the hand so that you are not left lying on the ground? Jesus Christ is the only one. Jesus Christ, Who sometimes sends a brother or sister to speak to you or help you. Don’t hide your hand when you have fallen, do not say to him: 'Don’t look at me, I am covered in mud. Don’t look at me, I am without hope'. You have only to let him grab your hand and you his, and then that richness which is inside you, which is covered in mud, and which you have given up on, will begin, through hope, to bear fruit. But always holding onto Jesus’ hand."

-- Audience with young people at Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon stadium, Morelia, Mexico, Feb. 17, 2016

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