Pope's quotes: Encounter of mercy

A quote from Pope Francis:

“When mercy encounters a person, it brings deep joy to the Father’s heart; for from the beginning the Father has lovingly turned towards the most vulnerable, because His greatness and power are revealed precisely in his capacity to identify with the young, the marginalised and the oppressed. He is a kind, caring and faithful God who is close to those in need, especially the poor; He involves himself tenderly in human reality just as a father and mother do in the lives of their children. When speaking of the womb, the Bible uses the word that signifies mercy: therefore it refers to the love of a mother for her children, whom she will always love, in every circumstance and regardless of what happens, because they are the fruit of her womb. This is also an essential aspect of the love that God has for all His children, whom He created and whom He wants to raise and educate; in the face of their weaknesses and infidelity, His heart is overcome with compassion. He is merciful towards all; His love is for all people and His compassion extends to all creatures.”

-- Message for World Mission Sunday, May 16, 2016

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