Pope's quotes: Favor peace

A quote from Pope Francis:

"While our initiatives in favor of peace should help populations to stay in their homelands, the present moment requires us to help migrants and those who take care of them. We must not allow fears and misunderstandings to weaken our resolve. Rather, we are called to build a culture of dialogue 'that enables us to view others as valid dialogue partners, to respect the foreigner, the immigrant and people from different cultures as worthy of being listened to'. In this way we will promote an integration that respects the identity of the migrant and preserves the culture of the host community, enriching both at the same time. This is essential. If incomprehension and fear prevail, something in ourselves is damaged; our cultures, history and tradition are weakened, and peace itself is compromised. When instead we favor dialogue and solidarity, at both individual and collective level, it is then that we experience the best of humanity and ensure lasting peace for all, in accordance with the plan of the Creator."

-- Address to new ambassadors, May 19, 2016

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