Pope's quotes: In meekness

A quote from Pope Francis:

"When a deacon is meek, then he is one who serves, who is not trying to 'mimic' priests; no, he is meek. Given his troubles, the centurion might have been anxious and could have demanded to be heard, making his authority felt. He could have insisted and even forced Jesus to come to his house. Instead, he was modest, and unassuming and meek; he did not raise his voice or make a fuss. He acted, perhaps without even being aware of it, like God Himself, who is 'meek and humble of heart'. For God, Who is love, out of love is ever ready to serve us. He is patient, kind and always there for us; He suffers for our mistakes and seeks the way to help us improve. These are the characteristics of Christian service; meek and humble, it imitates God by serving others: by welcoming them with patient love and unflagging sympathy, by making them feel welcome and at home in the ecclesial community, where the greatest are not those who command but those who serve. And never shout, never. This, dear deacons, is how your vocation as ministers of charity will mature: in meekness."

-- Mass for Jubilee of Permanent Deacons, May 30, 2016

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