Pope's quotes: Stopping aggression

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A quote from Pope Francis:

"As for stopping aggression, bullying is an aggression that hides a profound cruelty, and the world is cruel. … Wars are monuments to cruelty. A nun from an African country that is afflicted by internal wars, has sent me photographs, and I have them here. How far the cruelty of war reaches. A child with his throat cut, a child. We can understand bullying – if this happens, the cruelty of war, how can bullying not take place? It is the same cruelty against a child, a child who then goes on to do the same to another, if you sow cruelty. … Therefore, to build a new world, a better world, we need to uproot all types of cruelty. And war is a cruelty. But this type of war is even crueler still, as it targets the innocent."

-- Address to participants of Scholas Occurrentes, May 30, 2016

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