Ad demands a plan from candidates

Presidential candidates will debate tonight in Colorado at the University of Denver. Not too far away is the city of Aurora, where in July a gunman shot into a movie theater audience, killing 12 and injuring 58.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns partnered with survivors of recent mass shootings and their families to launch a website to demand a strategic plan from President Obama and Gov. Romney to end gun violence.

Stephen Barton, who was shot in the face and neck at the movie theater, appears in the above ad, saying, "Ask yourself: Who has a plan to stop gun violence? Let's demand a plan."

-Demand A Plan website

"Every day until Election Day, we and our 250,000 supporters will demand that the presidential candidates tell us the concrete steps they will take to prevent 34 Americans from being murdered with guns each and every day," the Demand A Plan website says.

A similar ad with survivors of the Tuscon shooting of 2011 aired in August 2012, according to the website.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, founded in 2006, is a national and bipartisan coalition of mayors working to end illegal gun possession. More than 725 Republicans, Democrats and Independents from major cities and small towns comprise the organization, according to the website.

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