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British Catholic bishops issue an election guide

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The general election in Britain is turning -- unexpectedly -- into a tight race, according to an article in today's Wall Street Journal. David Cameron's Conservative Party has had a substantial lead over the U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's ruling Labour Party, but the latest polls show that lead dwindling.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, the British press was reporting that the Catholic bishops would be releasing an election guide that The Times of London said would "take a line that is economically to the left of centre but conservative on social issues such as marriage, education and care for the elderly."

The Telegraph called the 10-page document titled, "Choosing the Common Good," an endorsement of the Tories (i.e., the Conservative Party).

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But The Times said the bishops' statement is "a warning to the Conservatives that their more liberal attitude to certain social issues, such as homosexuality, threatens to alienate a core block of swing voters in an election where the religious vote is regarded as crucial to the outcome."

Both media outlets reported that the document will be distributed in every diocese in England and Wales beginning Wednesday.



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