Fairy Stream fairy tale with happy ending

This is a good news story.

Earlier this year I visited Cay Gao, Vietnam to see the work of Dominican Sr. Isabelle Tran Thi Kim Huong and profile her work. It was part of a series for "Women Religious: Lives of Mercy and Justice," a project supported in good part with a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters. Sr. Isabelle runs a shelter for abandoned women, many of them elderly. She is one more hard working, mission driven, Vietnamese woman religious doing the work of God.

If you did not read my report on the “Fairy Stream” shelter community this is your chance.

In the course of my conversation with Sr. Isabelle, I asked her what was on her “need” list. She responded that a couple wheel chairs would allow some of the more disabled women to get around and participate more in community activities, including meals and prayer services.

Well, after reading my article, which appeared on the NCR Web site and in the March 18, 2011 edition of NCR, a thoughtful couple from Washington, Mich., Deacon John and Annette Wright, said they wanted to help. What they eventually did was brought Sr. Isabelle’s needs to the attention of Dr. Harvey Diamond at Drive Medical Corp, which distributes medical equipment throughout the world. Eventually Diamond was able to work through Vietnamese government bureaucries and managed to get two wheel chairs to Sr. Isabelle at the Fairy Stream shelter.

Recently I received some photos from Sr. Isablle, proof that fairy tales can come true.

Much gratitude to the Hilton Fund for Sisters, Deacon John and Annette Wright, and to Harvey Diamond and Drive Medical.

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