Faith-safe stock trades

A Wall Street Journal story, ETFs attempt to keep the faith, today describes how exchange-traded funds continue their expansion into new territories in terms of sectors, asset classes, countries—and, now, Christian denominations.

On Tuesday, two such ETFs launched -- FaithShares Baptist Values (trading symbol: FZB) and Lutheran Values (FKL) funds. Each ETF, managed by FaithShares Advisors LLC, is tailored to each denomination's specific doctrines and investing guidelines. This follows last week's debut of FaithShares Catholic Values Fund (FCV) and Methodist Values (FMV) and Christian Values (FOC) funds.

For those Catholic investors who prefer not to invest in abortion or contraception, such as pharmaceutical or hospital stocks, or to the pornography industry, two Catholic funds are available: Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund and LKCM Aquinas.

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