Green burials

In the news this morning from our Australian brothers and sisters, Six Feet Down Under: Natural Burials Boom.

The Archdiocese of Sydney Natural is opening a cemetery to promote environmentally friendly burials, seeing loved ones buried without grave stones in bio-degradable clothing and untreated coffins.

About two years ago, we did a story, Lay your loved ones to rest the natural way, about Mt. Carmel Cemetery, in Wyandotte, Mich., near Detroit, becoming the first U.S. Catholic cemetery to offer a green burial option.

We received several letters in the print edition about this story, and if you follow the link you see we also received a few comments online. What surprised me about these letters and comments, however, was the near universal acceptance of the idea. I don't think anyone contacted us to say they were against the idea of green burials.

Near universal agreement on a topic on this web site? I don't think we have had such agreement on any other topic.

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