The health care summit

Like many other places, I am sure, our office TV is set on the White House Health Care Summit. As the president and congressional leaders jockey for position, CNN has very interesting polling data:

Washington (CNN) – Although the overall health care reform bills passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate are unpopular, many of the provisions in the existing bills are extremely popular, even among Republicans, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday also indicates that only a quarter of the public want Congress to stop all work on health care, with nearly three quarters saying lawmakers should pass some kind of reform.

It seems to me that the bottom line is that the majority of Americans want the health care system reformed. That really is the consensus.

The desire for reform has been thwarted by partisan politics. That is what this summit has to overcome, but at noon central time, there isn't much evidence that is happening. At least not on TV.

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