Mary Hunt to Vatican prelates: For God's sake, wake up

If Margaret A. Farley’s fine theo-ethical work causes “grave harm to the faithful,” Catholics live very graced lives. War, poverty, ecocide, racism, colonialism, sex and gender injustices of all sorts come to mind in the “grave harm” category. But not in the wildest imagination of anyone other than a Vatican bureaucrat would Dr. Farley’s sexual ethics qualify.

The above paragraph deserves some serious meditation by our prelates in Rome. It was written by Mary Hunt, one of those "radical feminists" whose thinking often captures the fears and hopes of the contemporary and human family.

Lamentably, her words also remind us how far the concerns of some Vatican bishops have drifted from the pressing needs of Catholics and others today.

Thanks, Mary.

To read more of Hunt's essay, click on this link.

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