Maryknoll missionary fears coming distortion of Vatican II

A veteran Maryknoll missionary in Tokyo, Fr. William Grimm, warns that the coming Year of Faith is likely to be "another case of the Vatican and its minions rewriting the history of the Church."

He recalls that Pope John Paul II in his 1999 exhortation on the Synod of Bishops in Asia wrote a document "riddled with distortions and even outright lies meant to advance an agenda of the Vatican rather than that of the synod fathers." Lest the same thing happen as Pope Benedict proceeds with his reinterpretation of Vatican II during its 50th anniversary, Grimm says it is "worthwhile to get firmly planted in our hearts and minds a few basic facts about Vatican II, facts by which we can evaluate the various interpretations, reinterpretations, misinterpretations and misrepresentations that will be promulgated in the coming year."

He then sets out his view of what the council did and what it has achieved.

Read his article here.

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