Morning Briefing

Second part of NCR series on life after coal: the transition Francis urged in Laudato Si' "is happening right now in West Virginia” 

Pope’s concept of a synodal church must be put into practice, says president of German bishops' conference 

Commentary on interfaith dialogue: “It forces those who participate to understand and explain their own tradition in deeper ways”

Francis: Lay people not ‘second class’ members of Catholic church

Peoria parish plans $5 million expansion

New federal rule to ban smoking in public housing nationwide

Washington Post feature on gay Catholic reaction to Krzysztof Charamsa, Vatican official who “burst from his stained-glass closet last month”

Racial inequality: Another college president, this time at Ithaca, is facing calls to step down

Commentary: The Little Sisters should win at the Supreme Court

Scalia says: Supreme Court isn’t diverse enough, are all Catholic or Jewish, all studied law at Harvard or Yale…does the court express "the deeply felt principles of the country”?

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