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President Obama and Vice President Biden will travel to Orlando today to meet with the families of victims and first responders in the Orlando community.

The American Medical Association said Tuesday that a long-standing ban on federal government research into gun violence must be lifted to better understand and tackle the problem.

NCR's Editorial following the Sandy Hook shooting: Researching gun epidemic is first step to solving it and this Boston researcher: Public health strategies could help reduce gun violence

Democratic senators stage 'filibuster' to demand action on gun bills (Text and video)

Philadelephia -- Roman Catholic legislators say they have been publicly shamed during Mass, called out in church bulletins and disinvited to parish events as the Philadelphia Archdiocese campaigns against a bill that would give victims of child sexual abuse more time to sue the church.

Some background: Pa. state rep says Catholics, not hierarchy support his bill and Debate continues over NY bill lifting statute of limitations on sex abuse crimes

Phase II of Vatican investigation of women religious: 'Friendly letter' from Vatican asks another US congregation for clarification

Electronic waste: Informal economy supports thousands in Ghana slum

Fortnight for Freedom? Did anybody know this was still a thing? ‘Witnesses to Freedom’ theme of church’s fortnight for religious liberty

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