Morning Briefing, International

Welcome back to your weekly international edition of Morning Briefing, where we try to highlight a little of what's going on around the world.

First, from NCR today and yesterday:

Pope Francis is heading to Armenia this weekend: Papal trip to Armenia a moment for Orthodox friendship, political rapprochement

Chilean ex-soldier stands trial for 1973 death of singer Victor Jara

And from Global Sisters Report:

Sisters' school stands out in Guatemalan dump town

Catholic, Buddhist nuns in Vietnam partner to help people with cancer

Britain is voting today over whether to leave the European Union:

Photo story from the New York Times: Portraits of a Nation Contemplating a ‘Brexit

In ‘the most Euroskeptic place in Britain’ there’s panic, talk of race war and surprising support for Remain

David Cameron insists he has no regrets over calling EU poll

Denial then panic: how the EU misjudged the British mood

Migrant Crisis:

Lives Still in Limbo, One Year After Southeast Asia Migrant Crisis

EU agrees new border force to tackle migrant crisis

Europe migrant crisis: Charity rejects EU funds over migration policy

From Italy with love:

Italy’s 5 Star Movement Calls for Euro Referendum

The Brexit contagion: How France, Italy and the Netherlands now want their referendum too 

EU referendum prompts prosecco panic in Italy

Italy’s ‘Floating Piers’ Closes at Night Because Tourists Are Wearing It Out

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