Obama's Nobel Challenge

It seems that the committee that oversees the Nobel Prize hasn't given President Obama an award as much as a challenge.

In its announcement, the Norwegian Nobel Committee hailed Obama's "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg made clear the award carried big expectations, saying: "This is a surprising, an exciting prize. It remains to be seen if he will succeed with reconciliation, peace and nuclear disarmament."

As John Allen reported here earlier, the Vatican's congratulations to Obama carried much the same message: "It's hoped that this very important recognition will further encourage [Obama's] commitment [to international harmony and a nuclear free world], which is difficult but fundamental for the future of humanity, so that the desired results will be obtained."

In his online column, Pushing Obama's vision: A nuclear free world posted Tuesday, Jesuit Fr. John Dear insisted that the grass-roots peace communities will have t obe very active if we are to have a nuclear free world.

Dear wrote: "Obama called the next 12 months “pivotal,” and he’s right. Here again we have a small window of opportunity. So now is our time to push."

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