Press Release: Endangered Catholics

Just received this press release from the Cleveland group, Endangered Catholics


The parishes closed by Bishop Richard G. Lennon of the Cleveland Diocese will unite in prayer in order to honor Our Lady of the Rosary on Thursday, October 7th at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral at 5:10 PM Mass, followed by a Luminary Service at various appealing parishes at approximately 6:30 PM signifying their hopefulness, their faith and continued petition.

Many of the parishes have been asking the Blessed Mother for her intervention in having the mandates of Bishop Lennon of closures reversed. Vatican appeals are currently at the Congregation for the Clergy which has extended their decision until November 30th.

It is our understanding that all activities to merge and/or close the parishes were to be suspended until parishes individually heard from the Congregation for the Clergy with their decree. These letters from the Vatican are somewhat rare since most appeals do not receive any response at all, and are thus considered "denied" according to Canon Law. It is believed that the Vatican officials are seriously looking at what has transpired in the Cleveland Diocese and are concerned. Parishes have received several extension letters by the Vatican dated with dates that correlate with the Blessed Mother, September 8th (Blessed Mother's birth date) & March 25th (Feast of the Annunciation). Many believe that she has already interceded.

Patricia Schulte-Singleton
St. Patrick (West Park)
President, Endangered Catholics

Bob Kloos
Historic St. Peter/Community of St. Peter
Vice-President, Endangered Catholics

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